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The Child’s Play Referral Scheme…

We have a unique referral scheme that allows you to earn childcare discounts for every family you refer, and who signs up with us!  Below are some tips on how you can save money with us….

Refer your friends

Referring your friends and families to our Outstanding Childcare services is something quick and easy to do! If your referral leads to a new childcare contract, your account will be credited £10.00 the month the new contract starts with us.

Earn additional discounts for 10+ referrals

The more you refer the more discount we will apply.

  • 0-9 we will apply £10.00 credit.
  • 10-14 we will apply £12.00 credit.
  • 15-19 we will apply £15.00 credit.
  • 20+ we will contact you and discuss a one off referral fee.

How does this work?

We will assign each family a unique referral code/reference: usually this is the site code + family name (i.e. SHM + Surname), we will keep a log for all of the referral which are made by you.

Whenever we get a new childcare enquiry for places, we will always ask how they have heard about us. They will then need to hand over your referral code/ reference.

If the family, then sign a childcare/ education contract with us the month of service starting a one off credit will be applied to the refers childcare account. (for example family A signs a contract July 2018 for childcare and education services to begin 2 September 2018, the credit will be applied to your account September 2018 after the child has officially begun the nursery.)

The referral system is only valid for families who are registered with Child’s Play Private Nursery.