Parents as Partners

Child’s Play Nursery truly believes establishing strong relationships with parents/ carers is the most important way of ensuring all of the children’s needs are met, as ultimately they are the child’s number one educator and they know their child better than us. We strive to achieve and provide a ‘home from home’ service- to ensure this we provide a Special Carer system which is designed to help build up this relationship from the word go initially through ‘transition visits.’ Parents are welcomed into the setting for visits so that they can educate the special carer about their child and start to form relationships.  This will support the children’s emotional well-being and develop their sense of self and self-assurance.

Parental involvement: There are a number of ways that you can get involved with your nursery which include; Parental Action Group Meetings, Stay and Play Events, Charity Events and Parents Evenings to name but a few.

All children are allocated a special carer when joining the nursery.

More about our special carers: Special carers are selected on the basis of the parents and the child’s personal preference and personal bonds. This Special Carer co-ordinates information about the individual child’s needs and development and shares this with parents and other nursery practitioners to maintain consistency and continuity of care. The Special carer also provides a vital link with parents and carers and is often crucial in settling children into the setting and when making the transition to the next room. The special carer makes sure that, within the day-to-day demands of the nursery, each child for who, they have special responsibility feels individual, cherished, and thought about by someone in particular while they are away from home.  The special carer ensures they have the opportunity to build a personal relationship with an individual child rather than all children as a group in the setting.

Special carers are consistently available and responsive to their key children and their families and as a result, rotas are based on when a special carer is available for each child. Working a four-day week ensures this continuity of care. Throughout the child’s experience at nursery, there will be plenty of time given too special carers to share information with parents. Information will always be exchanged during informal spontaneous, but very valuable chats when the parent drops off or in particular when they pick up their child from nursery.

The benefits of our system are a peace of mind for parents and families, and the ability for partnership building with professional staff. It provides opportunities for liaise with someone else who loves your baby or child too- we want to be an extended part of the family.