Nursery Uniform

It is not essential that you order your baby or child nursery uniform but it is highly recommended as provide a lot of learning experiences which can get messy. slime, water, mud, sand, shaving foam are only but a few examples. You can order direct from our website and we will simply add the total cost to your next childcare invoice.

We have updated our uniform, all colours are now GREY and not purple.

Reversible Jacket £20.00

Bookbag £6.00

Polo shirt £8.00

Baby SupaSoft Hoodie £12

Baby Crew Neck Sweatshirt £9.50

Junior Backpack £15

Sun Hat £6.50

Fleece Hat £6.50

Childs Play Gingham Dress £13.00

Crew Neck Sweatshirt, Jumper £9.50

Nametape £3.00

Baby & Toddler All-In-one £15

Baby Polo Shirt £9.50

Baseball Cap £6.50

Fleece Scarf £7.50