Nursery Uniform

It is not essential that you order your baby or child nursery uniform but it is highly recommended as provide a lot of learning experiences which can get messy. slime, water, mud, sand, shaving foam are only but a few examples. You can order direct from our website and we will simply add the total cost to your next childcare invoice.

Reversible Jacket £20.00

Bookbag £6.00

Polo shirt £8.00

Baby SupaSoft Hoodie £12

Baby Crew Neck Sweatshirt £9.50

Junior Backpack £15

Sun Hat £6.50

Fleece Hat £6.50

Childs Play Gingham Dress £13.00

Crew Neck Sweatshirt, Jumper £9.50

Nametape £3.00

Baby & Toddler All-In-one £15

Baby Polo Shirt £9.50

Baseball Cap £6.50

Fleece Scarf £7.50