Free Education Care and Learning

Three and four Year Old’s: All three and four-year old’s in England are entitled too free, part-time Early Learning, Care and Development the term after their third birthday. It lasts for three terms, until your child reaches statutory school age.   Children can currently attend on a part-time basis for 15 hours a week, for 38 weeks a year which can be taken flexibly over a minimum of three days during term times only.  Some families may also be able to top us this entitlement to 30 hours per week.

Free Play and Learn session for Two’s: Some qualifying two-year old’s are also entitled to access our provision on a free basis for up to 15 hours a week.

How can you use the offer?

Term Time Only: We do not offer a stretched offer

Non funded times: if you attend in the holiday times where no funding is available you are charged full prices.

Food Charges: Food charges are applied for free education only sessions. You can opt out and provide a packed lunch if you wish.

When is my child eligible?

If your Child is Born Between:

  • 1st April- 31st August: funding will commence from the September intake
  • 1st September- 31st December: funding will commence from the January intake
  • 1st January-31st March: funding will commence from the April intake

State Vs Private Nursery Education

Many Parents often wonder what the differences are between our private nursery education and a state nursery education. Please sick on this link to access our ‘State Vs Private Nursery’ booklet. It has lots of the common questions and misconceptions. This may just help you to make your decision on which is best for you and your child. (click here to view)