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Out of The Mouths of Our Parents....

" Four weeks at nursery and my little boy Curtis loves it!! He talks about the other children and plans his day out: mostly painting and playing on the pirate ship!"

Clair Elliott, Parent.

"While conducting my work at Child's Play (garden renovations)  I have found that it is a really laid back, friendly atmosphere. Everyone at work appears happy in their roles and the work that they do. Laura Wayman the owner of the nursery was at hand when needing supplies and necessities to get the job complete. She was also welcome to ideas and allowed me to complete my work in an agreed time frame. I also believe that the children are very happy at the nursery and have noticed that the children are a lot more excited about going than actually going home.I have been at the nursery for 2 months now and from what I have seen within Child's Play, I would certainly recommend the nursery to anyone that is even thinking about going. The nursery is a place where the children really seem to grow into their own people; their personal characters are encouraged and they have a great time playing and being around each other.When looking at the pictures of Child's Play, when it was first

bought, and the work I have seen whilst being at the nursery, it is hard to remember it as how it was. Not only has the place been totally renovated to suit the needs of every child but it has been done with care and thought. The rooms offer loads of fun and new adventures whilst the enclosed garden allows the children to unwind. I have seen how much the nursery means to everyone that works there and the nursery really does deserve all the positivity it’s producing.I have finished now and Laura is adding the accessories and finishing touches that will make the garden just as magical as the inside.I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at the nursery and a congratulations to Laura for creating such a wonderful and needed place. If you really want to get to know Child's Play then go and see for yourself because I know that you won’t be disappointed."

Nursery Gardener


"My daughter has been going to the nursery since I started working 3 month ago and enjoys every minute of it. She always comes home happy and wanting to go back everyday as she enjoys playing in the outdoor area and inside with the different toys and creative games they play. All of the staff are friendly and helpful in anyway possible telling what she has done through the day. I would recommend this nursery to anyone."

Hayley Pigford, Parent

"Well done honey, you will have a full nursery with your friendly positive attitude. It will have a fab atmosphere especially with you behind it, good luck & enjoy x x"

Cheryl Johnston



"Laura has been attending nursery for a few months now, staff have been fabulous with her, giving her confidence and support with others. Laura loves her place at nursery, always enjoys playing with other children, toys and doing plenty of fun activities. Keep up the good work! We are so pleased to choose such a friendly nursery, who we can trust to leave Laura with!"

Emma & Ian Nesbit, Parents


"Thank you so much for how you have all helped Alice settle in so well in her first 2 weeks at nursery. She has taken to it with such ease and I believe a lot of that is down to all the staff. Thanks again from Danielle xxx"

Danielle Patterson, Parent

"Callie has had a fantastic first day at nursery and is worn out! Thank you Laura and Carolyn :D "

Jemma Glendenning, Parent

"Elizabeth has been attending nursery for a few months now and absolutely loves it- as you can tell by the stamping of the feet and resounding NO when it comes to leaving!

The staff at the nursery make it a welcoming  and very pleasant environment. Elizabeth settled in straight away although it was her first nursery placement, I believe that this was due to the staff and their friendly approach.

She always has a varied day and loves playing with the messy things she is not always encouraged to play with at home!

On behalf of myself and Elizabeth I would like to say thank you."

Tina Wallace, Parent


"I'm very happy with Jack's Progress and that I can see that he enjoys playing with the toys and other children at the nursery :D"

Maria Blackett, Parent


"I love getting up and coming to nursery on a morning. The families and children are amazing."

Nursery Practitioner

Here's but a few comments our families and visitors have had to say about us.


Click on the stamps to view and recommendations, where our amazing families have taken time out to post some amazing comments about the nursery on an early years leading website.  

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Top 10 in Our Region

"Hiya Laura.


I just want to thank you, Sarah and the other woman that was in the baby room yesterday for our visit. We had a lovely time and you made us feel very welcome. It made me feel comfortable leaving Jacob with such capable and friendly people.


You have done a fantastic job with the nursery and you deserve outstanding at ofsted. I am sure you will!! My Mam was so impressed and it's hard to impress her with other nurseries but she loved it. Hehe......."


What a lovely email to come into from a family who came to look around the Snowdrops (0-2) room yesterday (10.-Mar-2015)


Alison Denton Mother of Baby Boy says:


“It's lovely to read that Zaak enjoys being at nursery. It's hard leaving your baby when you have to go to work but seeing the relationship he has built up with staff, such as his special carer Joanne, it makes going to work all that more easier. Zaak is always full of smiles when he goes in on a morning and I would just like to thank you all at Childs Play for Zaak's easy transition with starting nursery.”  (10-March-2015)



“I would like to thank all the staff at Child's Play who are or have been involved in Ellis's progress he has achieved so much since September his speech, social skills, and understanding of simple instructions as well as his toilet training have come a long way. He loves going to nursery I am so happy he enjoys going and always telling me about what he's been doing like he's been on the slide with Jay and says some of the other children’s names he is always counting and becoming more and more independent.”


Stacey Renney says via parental online login domain, March 2015


“Harley really has came on leaps and bounds since starting nursery I'm so pleased with his progress and very greatful to everyone working with him for all their help bringing him on with his progress. He absolutely loves nursery! Thank you :)) xx”


Tina and Kallen parents of Harley, July 2015

harley gibbons

"To everyone at nursery, Thank you so very much from day one I new this was going to be a special place. Thank you all so much for the love and support you've all shown Callie during her time here, I can't believe its came to an end. Keep up the good work everyone Love Jemma and Callie xx"


Jemma, parent of 3 year old)



“I had a brilliant day today at nursery with our Naomi for 'Stay & Play day' it’s a brilliant opportunity for parents to see what your little one does at nursery & our Naomi absolutely loves it & loved her mammy been at nursery with her doing different activities when she came out of nursery tonight she says '” I loved you been at nursery today mammy'” looking forward to the next 'stay & play day'! You should be all proud of all the work use do because our Naomi has come on leaps & bound since she started nursery at Childs Play Private Nursery :)

I had lots of fun too, At the end I said “it’s time to go home now but you can come back at 1” she says “no mammy you can go home & I'll just stay here”...She did things today that I didn't even know she could do or knew how to do I was absolutely amazed & to know she is a good girl at nursery is a bonus ha! Brilliant morning she loved all the different activities for us to do together as well...It’s gave me good ideas of what activities to do at home with her as well, thank you.”


Mum Amy Young parent of 3 year old Naomi