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Nursery Uniform

Child’s Play Private Nursery, is a place which allows children to be children and we pride ourselves on following and extending children’s interests….. even if that means we are playing in Slime or Gloop! Naturally, our children rarely stay clean, so we have a stock of nursery uniform which you may like to purchase, which can be kept solely for nursery so that we do not ruin those Sunday bests!”

Nursery Uniform Nursery Uniform Reversible Jacket

Reversible Jacket £20.00

Childs Play Gingham Dress £13.00

Childs Play Gingham Dress Bookbag

Bookbag £6.00

Crew Neck Sweatshirt, Jumper £9.50

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Poloshirt £8.00

Nametape £3.00


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*all garments include an embroidery of the nursery logo.


Baby SupaSoft Hoodie £12

Baby & Toddler All-In-one £15

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Baby Crew Neck Sweatshirt £9.50

Baby Polo Shirt £9.50


Junior Backpack £15

Baseball Cap £6.50

Sun Hat £6.50

Fleece Scarf £7.50

Fleece Hat £6.50

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