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Learning Through Play

We recognise the importance of play for all children and ensure that we provide the opportunity for play both inside and outside throughout the day. We value the experiences that children have at home and endeavor to build on these at nursery. Provision for children’s care,learning and development is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)framework. This is a framework for all OFSTED registered early years settings for children from birth to five and promotes the five ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes.The EYFS takes into consideration the care, development and learning opportunities that should be provided for all children.


At Child’s Play Private Nursery we aim to provide children with a high quality edu-care service through which a wide and varied range of activities, experiences, which promotes their learning and all round development. We do this by observing interests and providing appropriate play and learning opportunities. As Howard Gardener said “Each child has a spark in him/her. It is the responsibility of the people and institutions around each child to find out what would ignite that spark.” – I simple cannot argue with this.


Ferryhill Community Hub, Lambton Road, Ferryhill

County Durham, DL17 8TB

01740 651789


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