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Learning Journey Private Area

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Your Own Private Login Area


Child’s Play Private Nursery is the first nursery in the UK to set up a unique individual parental login domain on our website                       


The login page is a unique secure area for parents/families to access their child’s individual learning journey. The management team will regularly update the child’s individual page with pictures, assessments, progress summaries and observations which have been formulated by each child’s special carer.


This page is for their eyes only!

Child’s Play Private Nursery prides itself on the way in which we work with our Parents and Families. We feel that it is very important to ensure a cohesive communication tool is established in order to ensure the best possible learning experiences are provided for every individual child at the nursery as well as in the home.

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See Your Childs Learning Journery From Home


Families/parents will be able to download anything which we have posted to the individual domain, as well as upload their own photographs/documents so that we (Child’s Play Private Nursery) can see all of the fun and learning which happens outside of nursery, in order for us to extend these interests and learning opportunities in the setting.

Private Messaging


Parents/Families will also have access to a private messaging system so that they can ask questions, leave comments or simply say hello to the Special Carers here at the nursery.


All aspects of the private area can be used on a computer, mobile and tablet so that they can check it anytime and anywhere 24/7.


We can also link the domain to the parent/families e-mail addresses- you will then receive notifications when we add something new to the child’s individual page. We appreciate parents/families may be having a busy/stressful day, and we believe that there is nothing better than receiving an e-mail saying we have uploaded new photos of their loved one to their domain, to brighten up their day.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact: Laura Leigh Wayman (Proprietor/Manager) on 01740 651789 or simply make an appointment, where she will be more than happy to show you a ‘sample’ page, and explain how it works in further detail.

We also believe that this messaging system will also help the flow of communication to the family members we rarely see due to work commitments for example, or those who don’t have time to stay and chat with our special carers at drop off or collection times.

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