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Come along to as many events as you can, everyone is welcome

Parental Stay and Play Events

Our stay and play events are a great social, fun occasion which encourages our families to come along and play and learn with your child. It will give you the opportunity to play and learn as your child does, provide the opportunity to meet and discuss your child’s developmental progress with your child’s special carers as well as meet other parents/families whose children also play and learn in your child’s room.

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SNOWDROPS (0-2YRS) 9.30am till 11.00am  

- Wednesday 11th October 2017



Sunflowers (3-5 YRS) 9.30 till 11.00am

- Wednesday 25 October 2017

Buttercups (2-3 YRS) 9.30am till 11.00am

- Wednesday 18th October 2017

It is important to our special carers that we develop strong professional parental working partnerships with all of our families. We believe that our families need to be involved in all aspects of nursery life.

There will be lots of messy play… so come along in something comfortable that you don’t mind getting messy.  Children who are not due in on the day are more than welcome to attend and come along too.

Stay and play 2 Stay and pay 1

First Steps Photography

Monday 9th October 2017  

8.30am  - 2.00pm


Our Annual nursery photographs will be happening on Monday 9th October 2017.


Children and families who would like photographs taken who are not due in nursery on the day can drop in between 9.30-10.30am or 2-3pm.


Backdrops: First Steps will have a white backdrop and an optional Christmas themed back drop should any images be required as Christmas presents.


Siblings and family members are welcome to come along for group photos.


Nativity - 20th December 2017 – It’s a Baby!

Morning performance 10am

Afternoon Performance 2pm


The Children at Child’s Play are going to tell you a story. The story of weary Bethlehem Inn Keeper who just wanted to get a little bit of rest. Little did he know he was in for a magical, wondrous night. Together with a number of sparklingly catchy songs which will help get everyone into the Christmas Spirit!


On the day of your child’s performance, please make sure your child is at nursery 1 hour before his/her performance time so we can transform them into their character. Should any child get upset on the day, we ask a family member to join us on the stage and help sing and clap along to the music.

We ask that photographs are taken at the end of the performance and not before.


 The performance will be held in the Cleves Ferry Suite of Ferryhill Community Hub, we ask that no child has more than 6 family/friends to ensure we have enough seats for everyone.

its a baby 3 its a baby 4

Christmas Stay and Play Party

21st December 2017 – 2pm


Our annual Christmas Stay and Play Christmas Party will be held in the Cleves Ferry Suite of Ferryhill Community Hub.


All children and families are welcome to attend.


A host of Christmas and winter inspired play activities and experiences will be on offer to keep children and families busy and entertained.


We have it on good authority Santa will also be dropping by for a visit.


If your child is not at nursery on this afternoon, they are still welcome to attend but they MUST BE accompanied by an adult.


xmas stay and play 2 xmas stay and play 3 xmas stay and play 1

Our Parental Stay and Play Events are hugely popular with our families as they get to spend sometime with their little people playing and learning alongside them, and seeing exactly what work they do on a day to day basis. (Play is work to our children.)


It is also a great change for parents to discuss children's individual progress as well as meet other children and families who the children play and learn with every day.

Halloween 2017

Tuesday 31st October.

31st October 2017 we are having a Halloween fancy dress day, staff will be joining in with this too.

Children who are not in nursery on this day are welcome to dress up throughout the rest of the week too.


We welcomed all family members as they sang some special songs, share some magic moments and received their graduation certificates from the Child’s Play staff.

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Monthly Tenlands Visit


Research shows that elderly who have regular contact with young children (i.e. grandchildren) are less likely to be depressed or have health problems compared to those who don't. It is also very beneficial to young children as it allows them to interact with all members of the community (aiding personal, social and emotional development as well as understanding the world).


I'm not sure if you can remember our "Random Acts of Kindness" programme Winter 2016/17 where our Sunflowers (3-5yrs) visited the residents of Tenlands Nursing home? Well we have teamed up with them again and are excited to have arranged a monthly visit. On the 25th of every month the Sunflowers will visit for 1hour to play and interact with some of the Residents.

Monthly Tenlands Visit


We are very excited about this project and will post photos and updates of the fun activities they enjoy together.